Nick Chase - glass artist
Nick Chase

Nick Chase was born and raised in Sackville, New Brunswick. Nick has spent time in the animation field and also as a wood worker. In 2002, he found his true calling when he attended Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and completed the Crafts and Design Glass Program. Nick now resides in Toronto, Ontario where he creates his glass art. He is consistently influenced by the natural and urban landscapes around him and often refers back to his Eastern Canadian roots which are rich in vegetation and natural bodies of water such as the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic Ocean. Nick is represented by several reputable galleries in Toronto, Montreal, New Brunswick and British Columbia. Nick has future plans to open his own glass studio in Eastern Canada.

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Artist statement

The inspiration for my art is derived from urban and natural landscapes. Starting with blown glass shapes, I emulate textures and patterns that I have found in the world around me. I apply these textures by sandblasting them onto or into blown glass. Through the use of color and with the transparency of the glass my pieces become ever-changing forms when affected by different light sources. Whether it is a natural or urban landscape which has inspired me, glass returns it to a state which centers around an organic origin, for glass in its truest state comes from the earth.

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